Christian Educational-Library

Christian Education is one of the most important branches of the mission of the Armenian Church.

The Armenian Church, and in particular the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia, has always stood firm and given special importance to Christian Education. The Bible occupies a central place in the educational work of the Councils of Christian Education. Beside the Bible, the Apostolic tradition, moral values, the spiritual teachings passed down to us from our fathers are also are part of the educational journal.

The Council of Christian Education, through its activities, gives direction to the children of our people of all ages, makes them more familiar with the history, tradition, traditions, saints and holidays of our Church, both Armenian and pan-Christian. Organizes Bible studies, lectures, lectures and publications.

The Council of Education also develops various types of programs.

– According to the guidelines prepared by him, he closely follows the Sunday Schools needs. A comprehensive program is being prepared for them, which will help to the work of inspectors and teachers. It will also be pursued: textbook and composition of various classroom workbooks and teachers’ guide preparation programs.

  • Annual youth assemblies and gatherings.
  • Consolidation of School Lessons (Seminar).
  • One-day teaching workshop.
  • Children’s Festival.
  • Children’s art competition.
  • Spring camp.

These activities are carried out so that the participants receive Christian and Armenian education in an Armenian environment.