Board of Trustees

The governing body of the Sourp Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church is The Board of Trustees, which is elected during the Annual meeting by the church members, for two years term. The elected member can also be re-elected for two times as well.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing and supervising the financial and administrative activities of the church.


  • Mr. Hagop Lakhoian – Chairman
  • Mr. Bedros Allahaydoian
  • Mrs. Liza Torossian – Vahradian
  • Mr. Zaven Der Sahaguian
  • Mrs. Flora Guiragossian
  • Mrs. Lena Aprahamian
  • Mr. Harout Zoboian

National Representiatives

The representative members of Sourp Kevork Church are elected by the members during the annual meeting for a term of four years. This group of representatives is a sharing body of the Board of Trustees efforts to enhance the administrative affairs of the church. They also represent the church in the National Representatives Assembly of Canada.


  • Mr. Hagop Lakhoian
  • Mrs. Dzovig Terzian
  • Mr. Garbis Meshefedjian
  • Mrs. Manan Abrakian
  • Mr. Zohrab Gosdanian
  • Mrs. Hermine Manoukian
  • Mr. Hagop Arevian
  • Mr. Hampig Karaian
  • Mr. Raffi Koushian