Our Church

Sourp Kevork Armenian Apostolic Church was established in 1993 and ratified in January of 1994 by His Eminence the late, Arhbishop Mesrob Ashjian. Since its founding and as the first religious institution of the Armenian Community of Laval, the Church has been the spiritual home for its parishioners and has created an inspirational environment for everyone.

Past Pastors

Rev. Father Archprieset
Hrant Yeretsian (Antranig Hoviv)

Rev. Father Archprieset
Hrair Nicolian

Rev. Father Archprieset
Gabriel Kamaian

Very Rev. Father Archprieset
Vartan Tashdjian

Our Patron Sourp Kevork – St. George

St. George the Warrior (Sourp Kevork Zoravar in Armenian) is revered all over the world. He is one of the beloved saints of the Orthodox Church, whose life serves as an example of remaining faithful to God even under the harshest circumstances.

Early Christian tradition tells us that St. George was born to Christian parents in the late third century. After his father was martyred for his faith, his mother took the little boy back to her hometown Diospolis, now in the modern city of Ramle/Lod.

St. George became a soldier in the Roman army, and his bravery and discipline made him climb the ranks. St. George was steadfast in his faith, and, as a Christian, refused to bring the pagan sacrifice to the Roman emperor Diocletianus, venerating him as a god. He was tortured and martyred around 303 AD.

St. George is often pictured killing a dragon. In the Bible the dragon, or serpent, represents evil.

Later Christian tradition also recounts that in a certain city, a dragon pestered the inhabitants, demanding two sheep a day. When there were no more sheep in the village, the vicious dragon demanded a human sacrifice.

The inhabitants cast the lot, and the daughter of the city’s governor was chosen. St. George passed by when they were taking the crying girl to the dragon’s den. When he heard what happened, and what was about to happen, he decided to interfere. He followed the girl into the den, crossed himself and slew the fire-spitting dragon before it could attack. The citizens were in awe and recognized God’s powerful works. That day many were baptized and became Christians.

St. George sets us an example of bravery, steadfastness and strong faith.