Church Committee


The Ladies Guild of Sourp Kevork Armenian Church was organized in 1994. Since then, it has been active Guild throughout the history of Sourp Kevork Church.

The Ladies Guild is a supportive group of the church and all the financial proceeds from their activities and efforts are contributed to the church’s proposed budgets in order to enhance its religious and cultural missionary efforts.

Some of their organized events and activities are:

  • Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Celebration
  • Christmas and Easter preparations
  • Mid-Lent Luncheon Service
  • Palm Sunday – Sale of decorated candles
  • Take part and assist in the Church’s other committees.
  • Ascension Gathering/luncheon.
  • Mary’s Day – Blessing of Grapes
  • Maintaining the Church’s Altar preparations

church’s “shoghakat” choir

  • Choir Maestro – Deacon Varoujan Margarian
  • Director – Deacon Haroutioun Goloyan
  • Organist – Mrs. Elsa Vartivarian Tanielian

Sourp Kevork Church’s “Shoghakat” choir is the core of the church ceremonies. Its purpose is to familiarize and support the ceremonial life and activity of the church, to encourage the members to learn the music and history, rituals, doctrine, and traditions of the Armenian Church.

Choir members take part in the Church’s Day to day life and activities and serve on different committees.

Sourp Kevork also has a children’s choir. Rehearsals take place on Friday evenings.

  • Choir Maestro – Deacon Varoujan Margarian
  • Organist – Mr. Shant Abralian


S. George Church’s Bank Committee was established in 1994 and has been functioning successfully until today.

The choir participates in all church ceremonies. They will monitor the candle table and collect the tabernacle, as well as record and collect the donation of the funeral home. They will monitor the condition of the physical structures of the Church and make repairs as needed (chairs, benches, candles, etc.). 

They will monitor the propriety and clutter inside the Church, the arrangement of places.

church youth COMMITTEE

In the church, the Youth Committee meets every two weeks, receiving spiritual leadership. The youth also participate in lecture seminars organized by the Prelacy as well as the annual pilgrimage led by the Pastor. The committee also carries out charitable activities, visiting the elderly, distributing meals to the homeless, and others.

annual golf tournament COMMITTEE

For well over a decade, this committee organizes the church’s annual Golf tournament, which takes place with a full day of golfing, food and drink service, as well as a banquet dinner to end the day.